It's finally ready!

I've done as much as I can to make the install quick and efficient as possible. There is even a built-in self-test to check for solder errors you might've overlooked.

You can read the printed guide PDF or watch a video - both cover the same information, but the written guide contains more detail. There are recommendations for what tools you could use, and any critical things are pointed out.

Installation Guide (PDF) - updated March 13, 2017 with optional IGR
Installation Video (Youtube)

Once you know what you're doing the installs should go very quickly. Dealing with all disassembly, screws, and cleaning is probably more work than actually soldering the kit!

Because there's only 1 of me but 100s of installs, it's up to you to be responsible for any install issues.
I'll provide known working and tested boards, the rest is all yours.



Minimum quantity is 3 units.
Each unit is an installation kit consisting of 1 PCB, 1 flex FFC, and foam.

QuantityUnit Price
3-9$127.00 USD
10-49$123.00 USD
50+Contact me
Holiday 2018...

Supply available but must be scheduled

Everybody is starting to order larger amounts - this is great! I am very happy with your support and pleased with this success. So, I will probably ask people wanting >qty20 to do pre-payment. This means there is a 4-5 week lead time on orders.

Please email and we will get everything sorted for you!


USPS. Domestic US costs are fixed at $9.
International cost is $30 (this is the cheapest I can ship with tracking). If I need to change box size for a large order, I will contact you. Buyer is responsible for any import charges.


Installer Code

When I ship your order, I'll assign you a two-letter installer code (e.g. BA) that will be encoded into the serial number of your units as well as a label going onto the bottom of the consoles.
You can check the serial number of each unit from within its OSD during operation, and it will also be printed on the back of each PCB.

End-user documentation

Documentation for users is something I'm working on, and should have finished very soon. For now you can refer to this document for basic operation.

Quick Start [firmware 1.08] (PDF)

Quick Start [old, firmware 1.07] (PDF)

Quick Start [old, up to firmware 1.06] (PDF)

Business Listing

If you'd like your business to be listed on the UltraHDMI site to advertise your services, just write "Add me to the installer directory" in the "Special Notes" order box, or email me.

Careful with PayPal

If you accept PayPal it's probably a good idea not to use any language relating to "mods" or "modding" - call it a "Kit" instead. Customers using the word in a payment special notes can also trigger issues due to hypersensitivity at Paypal. UltraHDMI is 100% legal and does not infringe on any IP, but their employees will not discern the difference.

Firmware Upgrades

UltraHDMI can update its own firmware. This is done by running a custom ROM on a flashcart. Cheap reflashable upgrade carts are available on request. New orders will always be shipped with the most current stable firmware.

Release Note History (PDF)

Firmware 1.08 Upgrader (ROM)

Firmware upgrades carry a risk of bricking. Upgrading takes about 10 minutes, and can be interrupted by:
1. Power outage
2. Poor cartridge connection - data will be interrupted if it crashes
3. User pressing reset prematurely

Spec Change

Support for interlaced HDMI output was dropped (the timings are just completely unworkable at this point).


You can reach me (Marshall) at  

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